Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Posterior Composite (White) Fillings Versus Amalgam (Silver) Fillings

Composite fillings are resin-based, tooth-colored materials used to restore defects in the structure of teeth.  Composites for back teeth were first introduced in the 1970's and have been increasing in popularity ever since.  Composites offer many advantages over the more traditional silver-mercury metal fillings.

Composites can be placed in conservative tooth preparations resulting in preservation of the tooth strength by conserving healthy tooth structure.  The use of adhesive technology to bond the composite in the crown of the tooth can replace some of the lost tooth strength due to tooth decay or fracture.  The bonded composite restoration, unlike an amalgam, is sealed against leakage which prevents new tooth decay and sensitivity or damage to the deeper pulp tissue resulting in nerve sensitivity or damage requiring a root canal procedure.  Composites are tooth-colored, and can be virtually invisible when properly placed.  Finally, composites contain no mercury which is a health and environmental concern.

However, composites are more difficult and time-consuming to place.  Moisture control is critical to the integrity and longevity of the adhesive bond and the completed composite restoration.  At Adult Dentistry of Rochester, Dr. Dulski has exclusively placed composite restorations as an alternative to amalgam fillings for the last 10 years.  To learn if a composite restoration is the preferred treatment for your next filling, visit us at

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  1. Dental composites can actually strengthen the teeth. Some dentists feel that teeth restored with dental amalgam fillings are more likely to experience cusp fracture than those teeth restored with tooth bonding (a composite filling). The thought is that the adhesive nature of the bond between the dental composite and the tooth serves to strengthen the tooth being repaired, as opposed to the typical dental amalgam filling where a bond with the surrounding tooth structure does not exist.

  2. Its really great Blog. Try pressing a finger or cotton swab towards the bottom of the tonsil and pushing upward to remove the tonsil stones .

  3. Even though it takes a little more time to do patients like the results of having a more natural looking restoration that matches their tooth.

  4. Some amalgam filling make your teeth look black or a blue color. By changing the amalgam out and putting in composite ( white filling) this makes your mouth looks as if you have all your natural teeth.

    Composite filling brighten up a tooth.This look makes a person feel better about their teeth.

    I had to get some cavities done, so half my mouth had silver filling and the others where white filling. After I saw that I had all the rest of my silver filling changed to white fillings.

  5. Today I was at the office getting three cavitys filled. Dr. Dulski did an amazing job! I feel very comfortable with Dr. Dulski I know I will never go anywhere else for my dental work.

    The composite fillings are definitely worth spending the extra time in the office for a filling, not only because they look better cosmetically but because I have heard several negative things regarding health concerns later in life in people who have had the silver-mercury fillings.

  6. The composite fillings are good and it gives a natural color to the teeth. The composite filling prevents the cavity from spreading to the other teeth and to the roots of the teeth bonded fillings.

  7. Excellent post.
    Appreciate your tips regarding Bonded fillings in human dental problem.

  8. Composite Fillings take few time to provide the results but it is the safest procedure to whitening your teeth. Even the pain of the Restoration in markham take few days to recover with it.